Phoenix Artists' 24 x 12ml Watercolour Set

Set contains: Prussian Blue, Cobalt Blue Hue, Viridian Hue, Yellow Green, Light Red, Vermillion Hue, Crimson Lake, Yellow Ochre, Deep Yellow, Lemon Yellow, Chinese White, Ivory Black, Ultramarine Blue, Brilliant Yellow, Purple, Cerulean Blue, Perm. Green Deep, Burnt Umber, Aureolin Yellow, Perm. Orange, Cadmium Red Hue, Quinacridone Rose, Olive Green, Paynes Grey.
Manufacturer: Phoenix
$9.99 excl tax

Phoenix watercolour ground to a very fine consistency, from the best available pigments and gums. Highly soluble and drying to a delicate transparency. All colours are completely lightfast. An ideal range, equally useful for artists, serious amateurs and educational establishments. 

Phoenix Watercolours are a range of 36 colors which have been selected to offer a wide colour spectrum, suitable for amateur and accomplished artists who require larger volumes of paint at an economical price. Pigments are chosen carefully, according to mass tone, undertone, colour strength and relative transparency to ensure the widest mixable range. 

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